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Effectiv team

We are a highly specialized and in-demand special effects studio with an international client list.  And we have the passion to make the impossible possible. We merge inspiring design with innovative technology to create fascinating images for your ad or film production. We build mockups, whip up beer foam, create wacky machines – basically we do everything your product needs to make it look great for customers. We are researchers, artists and craftspeople with more than a quarter century of experience and expertise. We push the boundaries of what is possible a little bit further every day. The one constant in all we do: Effectiv team SFX delivers the finest handmade special effects


When it comes to the finest, most minute details, we leave nothing to chance. Our dedicated sfx development department realizes even the zaniest ideas quickly, flexibly and compellingly. In our fully equipped workshops, we can build any type of SFX rig for whatever special effect is required. Plus, our warehouse has everything you need for an effects-packed production and impressive tabletop shoots. For reliable results, we prep SFX in our own in-house testing studios and employ a range of high-speed cameras shooting at up to 2,500 fps in full HD: Phantom HD Gold, Phantom Flex 2K and Phantom Flex 4K. By the way, you can also rent our test studios and high-speed cameras. Our studios are also equipped with various turntables, motion control systems and multi-axis model movers. With our Bolt high-speed motion control system and highly skilled operators ensuring precise and absolutely repeatable synchronized camera movements, we are ready to carry SFX to ever new levels.


Armed with master craftsmanship and pioneering zeal, we break the boundaries of physical material constraints. We are SFX specialists in a variety of different technical fields working in close tandem on classic special effects, rigging, car prep, mockups, pyrotechnics, model making, package mockups, food styling, beer styling, product care, cameras and lighting, electronics and data processing. With a lean team of experts working on your project with an eye on cost-efficiency, we can accommodate even the tightest timeframes and super-complex processes.

special effects

Our specialties are optical and mechanical effects in the fields of liquids, food, beauty, beer, cars and mockups. We pull out all the stops to achieve that magic moment. With our high-speed cameras, we turn your storyboard into a shootable reality – in slow-motion. Our goal is to show things that have never been seen, and to create an unmistakable look – for each unique production.

Et sfx

  • We have been working for international productions for more than 25 years.
  • We test special effects with our high-speed cameras in Hamburg.
  • This provides an ideal basis for discussing design and production issues.
  • Actual filming can either be done in our studio in Hamburg or anywhere else in the world.
  •  Precise repeatability of our SFX ensured by digital control of rigs and cameras.
  • This allows for efficient production schedules.
  • Fully equipped with MoCo Systems, turntables and model movers.
  • Creation of tailored special effects and SFX rigs for ever new looks.
  • Fully equipped rental studios located on Am Diebsteich in Hamburg.
  • Camera rental with high speed operator.


Here a list of film and foto productions for whom we made the effects. Many thanks for the film material made available for use on our website.

@Cineteam, Germany  
360fx, Italy
747 Studios, Germany
A Film, Turkey
A New Life Film, China
Abis Studio, Romania
ACE Digital House, Belgium
Action Film, Russia
ad.quarter, Germany
Add Pictures ! Produktionsservice, Germany
Add Production, Germany
Albinana, Germany
Alvernia Content, Poland
Amsterdam Worldwide, Netherlands
Ana Lopez Kommunikationsagentur, Germany
Aorta Fotografi, Sweden
arko GmbH Marketing Abteilung, Germany
As:if Film Matters, Germany
Avana, Italy
Bahlsen, Germany
Bakery Films Filmproduktion, Germany
bandits production, France
Barbecue Mediendesign, Germany
bayerl Filmproduktion, Germany
BBD, Germany
BBDO, Russia
Believe LA, USA
Berlin-Films, Germany
Berlin-LOC , Germany
BIG FISH Filmproduktion, Germany
Black Pictures, Germany
Black+ Cameron, China
BLM Film, Germany
Blue Filmproduction, France
Brandstorm, Swiss
Bransch Europe, Germany
BRW & Partners, Italy
Bubbles Film, Germany
Buzz Production, Russia
C47 Films, Hungary
Caramel Pictures, Netherlands
Caviar, Netherlands
Centralna Jedinica, Croatia
Chamaeleon Digital Vision, Germany
Chicken Shack Filmproduktion, Germany
Chilli Film, Russia
Christian Kerber, Germany
Close up Film, Austria
Cloud visual brand entertainment, Germany
Cobblestone, Germany
Condor-Films, Germany
congaz, Germany
Craft International Media, Germany
Cutting Edge Pictures, India
Czar Film, Germany
Dansu, Lithuania
deepblue networks, Germany
Die Kameradinnen Produktion, Germany
Die Schiesshalle, Germany
DOKYO, Germany
Dorland Werbeagentur Germany
Dorland Werbeagentur Grey, Germany
Dr. Fanger & Ass. Visuelle Kommunikationsberatung, Germany
E & F Culture & Communication, China
E + P Commercial Filmproduktion, Germany
Each Film, Germany
Eckes Granini Group GmbH, Germany
Eikon Nord GmbH TV-und Filmproduktion, Germany
Elbdorado Medienproduktion, Germany
Element E Filmproduktion, Germany
Embassy of Dreams, Germany
Erste Liebe Filmproduktion, Germany
Euro RSCG München, Germany
Fat Fred¹s Film & Photo Company, Netherlands
Feit AG, Swiss
Ferrero Deutschland, Germany
Film Bahçesi, Turkey
FILM BOX Limited, Gibraltar
Film Deluxe Filmproduktion, Germany
Film Domäne, Germany
Film Location Guid, Romania
Film Produckcja, Poland
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Filmbar Filmproduktion, Germany
Filmgood srl, Italy
Filmhaus Wien Universal, Austria
Filmservice Productions, Russia
First Floor Filmpartner, Germany
Five_three double ninety filmprod., Germany
Flensburger Brauerei, Germany
Flomo TV, Germany
Frankfurt Film, Germany
Freunde des Hauses Werbeagentur, Germany
G+K Filmproduktions, Germany
Garage films, Portugal
Garaz Miejsce Filmowe, Poland
Gehrisch + Krack Filmproduktion, Germany
Giants Optix, Germany
Glass Film, Germany
Hager Moss Commercial, Germany
HDW Werbeagentur, Germany
Hellen Ewers & Linus Ewers, Germany
Identity, USA
In Fine, Croatia
J.Walter Thompson, Germany
JERKfilm, Austria
Jo! Schmid Filmproduktion, Germany
Jotz! Filmproduktion, Germany
Jung von Matt, GermanyH
Kempertrautmann, Germany
Klose Detering Werbeagentur, Germany
Kolle Rebbe, Germany
Kontrast Communication, Germany
Kossmann Photographie, Germany
Krombacher Brauerei, Germany
Latcho Drom, Belgium
Laterna Magica Filmproduktion, Germany
Le Spot Productions, Serbia
M.E.C.H.  McCann Erickson, Germany
M+C Saatchi, Germany
Mad Cow Films, UK
Made in Munich Filmproduction, Germany
Markenfilm, Germany
Media Picture Group, Germany
MediaPark Film-Fernsehprod., Germany
Mediaplus, Germany
Mercurio Cinematografica, Italy
Metropoly Media GmbH
Michael Holz Studio, Germany
Miller Time Production, Germany
Mitra Film, Romania
Modiano TV & Film Production, Greece
Montblanc Internatinal, Germany
MR. BOB FILMS, Germany
Multimedia Est, Romania
My Pony, Germany
Neue Sentimental Film, Germany
Neumann und Rodtmann, Germany
New ID Filmproduktion, Germany
NonFood Werbeagentur GmbH & Fotostudios, Germany
Nose PH, France
Nu Projects, Germany
Ogilvy&Mather Werbeagentur GmbH
Oliver Schrott Kommunikation, Germany
Optix Digital Pictures, Germany
Opus Film, Poland
Pacific Film, Russia
Palladium Commercial  Productions, Germany
Papaya Films, Poland
Parafilm, Denmark
Park Production, Russia
Partizan, Germany
Paulaner Brauerei, Germany
photographer Alexander Gnädinger
photographer Christian Lohfink
photographer Christian Schmidt
photographer Christoph Himmel
photographer Daniel m.g. Weiss
photographer David Königsmann
photographer Dirk Messner
photographer Dirk Schaper
photographer Florian Geiss
photographer Gerhard Linnekogel
photographer Günther Schwering
photographer Jan Kornstedt
photographer Jo Kirchherr
photographer Johann Cohrs
photographer Jörg Rothhaar
photographer Joscha Kinster
photographer Kai Müllenhoff
photographer Karsten Wegener
photographer Klaus Merz
photographer Klaus Merz
photographer Maak Roberts
photographer Magnus Winter
photographer Marc Lorat
photographer Marcel Schaar
photographer Markus Heumann
photographer Mathias Morick
photographer Oliver Paffrath
photographer Ralf Gerlat
photographer Reinhard Hunger
photographer Robert Grischeck
photographer Robert Wunsch
photographer Sven Heinrich
photographer Tina Luther
photographer Volker Wenzlawski
photographerv Hans-Peter Schroeder
photoprapher Manu Agah, Germany
Planet B, Croatia
Plexus Productions, Germany
Prasser Sander Markengestaltung, Germany
Premiere Heure, France
Pro Production, Poland
Production & Agency Leagas Delaney, Germany
Production International, Germany
Pumpking Film, Swiss
Q-Filmproduktion, Germany
Rabbicorn Media, Germany
radical-media, Germany
Rakos Group, Germany
Rapid Eye Movement Film&Fernsehproduktions, Germany
Rebel Media, Germany
Red Production, Serbia
Rene Neumann Photography, Germany
Riba Ribi Grize Rep, Croatia
ROKLAND Film, Germany
Rollin Film, Romania
Sabotage Filmproduktion, Austria
Saga Film, Romania
Salt Berlin Filmproduktion, Germany
Saubere Filme, Germany
Schokolade Filmproduktion, Germany
Scholz & Friends Berlin, Germany
Seeworld AG, Germany
Sehsucht, Germany
selectNY, Germany
Silbersee Filmproduktion, Germany, Germany
Stereo Films Medienproduktio, Germany
Sterntag Film, Germany
STERNTAUCHER Filmproduktion, Germany
Still lda, Portugal
Stilllife, Germany
Stink, Germany
Studio Düttmann, Germany
Studio Filmowe OTO, Germany
Studio Funk Produktionshaus für Audiovisuelles, Germany
Studio Hamburg Produktion, Germany
Studio Jo van den Berg, Germany
Studio Klaas Bauer, Germany
Studio Thomas Hannich, Germany
T&F Bureau Limited, Cyprus
Tandem Film Productions, Romania
Tango Production
TBWA Werbeagentur, Germany
TBWA/Nebeko, Netherlands
Tempomedia, Germany
Thalamus Film, Germany
The Box Films SRL, Italy
The Family s.r.l., Italy
The Marmalade Films, Germany
The Shack, Germany
thjnk, Germany
Tom Nitsch Images, Germany
Tony Petersen GmbH
Top Cu, Greece
Twin Film, Germany
Unforgettable, Germany
Val Production, Croatia
Vogelsänger, Germany
Wanda Germany, Germany
watchmen productions, Germany
Weingart Consulting, Germany
Wensauer & Partner, Germany
Wunderfilm, Germany
Yum! Brands Inc., China
ZAG!media, Germany
Zeisse Filmproduktion, Germany
Ziggy Mediahouse, Germany

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