Special effects with beer for tv commercials and movies

Beer is both a food and refreshment, and often plays the leading role in our studio’s SFX shoots. When filming beer, the challenge is prepping the head or beer foam, what is known as beer styling. The head of a freshly tapped beer collapses in a few seconds, becoming large-pored and breaking up, which is caused by the carbonation in the fermented drink. To prevent this effect, we use a potable beer foam that appears fresh for a few minutes, even under the high temperatures of studio lighting. We are able to produce a large quantity of this beer foam in a very short time to keep beer looking its best during filming. We often build to-scale enlarged beer glasses for special camera shoots where the beer is being poured into the glass. We also use labels with raised embossed text and specially designed bottles to enhance the visual effect of a product. Special treatment of the surface can improve details, such as making bottle condensation look cool, fresh and more striking. We use pouring rigs that allow us to repeat effects. These also play an important role in triggering the effect, such as for synchronizing with other film effects or camera control.