special effects with liquids for tv commercials and movies

By liquids, we mean anything fluid, such as fruit juices, beer, milk, water, soft drinks, but also shampoo and other personal care products from outside the food industry. Liquids with low viscosity, such as water, move very fast, too fast for the eye or our perception. But if you film the movement with special high-speed cameras, such as with a Phantom Cam (Vision Research) or a Weisscam camera, you can see the sequence in all its perfection, normally invisible to the naked eye.

Pressure and temperature changes will cause slight variations in a liquid’s viscosity. But it is possible to achieve an exact repetition of sequence of some types of liquid and movements. Special additives are used to thicken liquids, which slows down their movement by binding unbound water molecules. The additives also cause liquids to release less spray when they splash, basically as if the liquid sticks together more. During some shootings with liquids, the original product is “replicated” to give it the best colour, viscosity and quantity for filming. Liquids special effects are often combined with solid foods, such as fruit slices, artificial ice or coffee beans.